Dance of the bride and her father | The 6 + 1 most discussed Greek songs

6+1 most discussed

father and bride dance Greek songs

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Bride and father dance

The Wedding Dj of Amaze Djs occasionally, in the process of discussing and planning the many couples’ wedding music program, are confronted with the question of many future brides “I am thinking of dancing with my father after our first dance as a couple. What songs can you recommend? ”

Inspired by the above question, therefore, we present to you a brief overview of our proposals.

Thes – Dimitris Mitropanos

Otan eho esena – Dimitris Mitropanos

Emina edo – Stelios Rokkos

Den eho polla – Glykeria

Dimitris Mitropanos – Kapoies fores (Feat. Stefanos Korkolis)

Oi katapliktikoi – Pasxalis & Zina Arvanitidi

And the +1 in our list, is completed by a special choice of one of our favorite couples…

Daddy Cool – Boney M

Above we have presented the pieces we are asked or recommend to couples for the magical moment of the bride dancing with her father. We will be happy to discuss your own suggestions and organize the music for your dream wedding party together!

Dreaming of an unforgettable wedding party?

…let the magic begin!