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A few words about the process…

  • Contact Us
  • Create your profile
  • Give us your needs and requirements
  • We prepare our proposal based on your requirements
  • We are presenting our proposal and reformulating it together if necessary
  • We are booking the date
  • We begin the magical journey of organizing an unforgettable party
  • Detailed organization of the music program
  • We are ready! Relax and enjoy the Amaze Djs experience
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♥ Intense memories of fun

♥ Save your time

♥ Our guarantees eliminate stress

the Amaze Djs experience

Vividly engraved moments of pure fun

The day after your wedding, everyone will talk about how nice they were! The brilliant and talented Amaze Djs Wedding Dj, are ready to organize an unforgettable party flow, with many happenings and games between you and your guests. The excellent reviews of our beloved couples who have trusted us in the past, are the confirmation you need. Also, the continued investment we choose to make in conferences, seminars and masterclasses in the field of Wedding Entertainment, giving us the knowledge and inspiration we need, promises you a highly professional result in all areas.

Your time is important

We know that your time is valuable and perhaps quite limited. With this in mind, we have created an online way of communicating from the beginning of recording your basic needs and requirements to the organization of your party’s music program. You can arrange all the fun from your living room, having access to your personal profile, always in touch with Dj Wedding. If you naturally want or feel more comfortable, we can all arrange an individual appointment.

Relax and enjoy the whole experience without stress

The guarantee of the quality of our services is reflected in all the awards and reviews we have received from time to time. Also, our philosophy to include in all our suggestions, dj assistant, insurance of all the staff and installing a basic sound set for every event, guarantees you the proper security and peace of mind to enjoy your wedding day as much as possible. more! To ensure all of the above, you sign a private agreement with us in order to seal the promise we give you.

Image is everything

Keeping our image in mind, we take care of the details and give the couple what is truly worthy of their wedding day. Respecting your style and requirements while keeping a high standard in our look and image, we fully follow the style you want to give to your wedding. One of the most common questions we ask our couples is about the dress code and the general concept they are planning for their wedding.

Still here; You are amazing!

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